sustainability and social responsibility

Eccoexe-Natural supports sustainable export companies from Latin America who work with women's projects in which women can earn their own income in order to become more independent. In these projects, women learn to produce products from high-quality natural materials such as alpaca wool, pima cotton, tagua nut.
 We advise Eccoexe E.I.R.L. (Peru) and Green Age (Colombia) for product development and testing the products. We are responsible for PR and marketing campaigns on the European market, represent the companies at trade fair.

Eccoexe-Lima, Peru

The vision of a socially committed Peruvian economist, Elia Legua, has led to training disadvantaged women from Peru in the manufacture of knitted dolls and fashion from alpaca wool since 1987.

Learning this job enables women to pursue paid employment, improves their economic and educational situation and increases their self-confidence.
Most women come from the highlands of the Andes, have come to the capital in search of better earning opportunities and now live in the periphery of Lima.


Alpaca wool, cotton and organic cotton from Peru
Natural materials

Sustainable fashion using only top-quality alpaca wool from the Peruvian highlands.

Alpaquita Family - handknit from alpaca wool

Fingerpuppets handknit from cotton and organic cotton

Cuddly toys from cotton and organic cotton

Green Age - Cali, Colombia

Green Age produces handmade, beautiful, high-quality jewelry that uses the natural resources of the rainforest in a sustainable manner.

The careful processing of the raw material, the Tagua nut, reflects the love of nature and the obligation to preserve it for the future generation.

Socially and economically disadvantaged women from Cali in Colombia work with this original material to become economically independent.




 Phytelephas - elephant plant
Tagua - vegetable ivory

Tagua-Jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and much more

Original and exclusive designs on our favorite animal, THE ALPACA 

Expressions of Peruvian crafts

Peruvian goldsmith art is known worldwide. Centuries of artisan tradition added to precious materials such as silver and Peruvian gems manage to create true works of art.

Our goal is to bring you some unique pieces of this wonderful art and thereby promote the small Peruvian goldsmiths.